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  • Former Oromo rebel leaders return to Ethiopia to pursue peaceful struggle

    (OPride) — A five-person delegation of the Oromo Democratic Front (ODF) party is due to arrive in Ethiopia on Wednesday for “substantive talks” with the government. Founded in exile in 2013 by veteran Oromo leaders, ODF is returning to the country to pursue peaceful struggle.

    The move follows repeated overtures by the ruling party in Oromia, the Oromo People’s Democratic Organization (OPDO), that it is ready to work with all Oromo-based opposition groups within the perimeters of the Ethiopian constitution. OPDO chairman and Ethiopian prime minister Abiy Ahmed has also repeatedly expressed his government’s readiness to open up the political space and engage with critics at home and abroad.

    Fitsum Arega, the Chief of Staff for Prime Minister Abiy, confirmed on Twitter that the ODF delegation will arrive in Ethiopia on Wednesday for “political consultation” with the government. He added that the Ethiopian government encourages other exiled opposition parties to “follow suit.”


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