• Scientists Finally Solve the Mystery of the Female 0rg-asm…See What They Found

    The question many people have been begging for answers over the years on female 0rg-asm has finally been revealed by a team of Yale scientists. They believe that in the past, our female ancestors only released an egg after being stimulated by a male just before or during seks. This is still the case for numerous species of mammals – including rabbits, ferrets, camels and cats. Once stimulated, the prehistoric female would have released certain hormones causing her to ovulate and the egg was then fertilised by sperm. But over hundreds of thousands of years their bodies evolved to ovulate by themselves – once a month. This means a woman’s 0rg-asm – famously simulated by Meg Ryan in When Harry Met Sally – now has no reproductive function, and this is what has baffled scientists. Professor Gunter Wagner, who specialises in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology at Yale, believes that in the past all female mammals ovulated after having an 0rg-asm. It was only later on that some species – such as humans, dogs, cows and rats – evolved to ovulate by themselves during cycles. Professor Wagner, whose discovery is published in the journal JEZ-Molecular and Developmental Evolution, focused on the hormones released by different female mammals during seks. Most release a surge of the ‘feelgood’ hormones prolactin and oxytocin and in many cases this triggers ovulation. This led him and his colleagues to believe that in the past, ovulation was always triggered by an 0rg-asm. Dr Mihaela Pavlicev of the Centre for Prevention of Preterm Birth at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital, in the US, who was also involved in the research said:     ‘We think the hormonal surge characterises a trait that we know as female 0rg-asm in humans. This insight enabled us to trace the evolution of the trait across species.     ‘[Similar] traits in different species are often difficult to identify, as they can change substantially in the course of evolution.’ Other scientists have come up with other controversial explanations as to why women have 0rg-asms when they perform no function. One of the most obvious is that they simply encourage them to have more seks, and reproduce, as it is so enjoyable. Another theory is that they create a stronger bond between the woman and the man, making it more likely they will stay together and have more children. Finally, some scientists claim it is down to the ‘mate-choice’ hypothesis whereby females chose a mate on the basis of seksual satisfaction. Theoretically, a male which gives them a better 0rg-asm has stronger sperm and will help her to produce more offspring. The Archive of Sexual Behaviour also found in a study that women who pretended to 0rg-asm did so as part of a strategy of mate retention. The study found women who thought that their partner was likely to cheat on them were more likely to fake it.

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  • How to Get Someone to Like You Immediately

    Once you start liking someone, you want that person to like you back. However, making someone like you is not easy. First, you have to figure out whether you have the qualities that make you a like-able person. You need to groom yourself properly; and then you have to charm your way through that person’s heart. It could take a lot of efforts and time. Also, there is no guarantee, that after all the effort you have put in, the person will begin to like you. But, you got to try. You cannot expect things to happen automatically.

    Here are few ways to get someone to like you immediately:

    1. Know them
    It is important to dig out all the information about them before you start pursuing them. Once you know them well enough you will get to know about their likes and dislikes, favorites etc. This information will help you to know what changes you need to bring in yourself to impress them. You have to imbibe certain qualities to come across as like-able. But, apart from that you have to make suitable changes within yourself to be able to leave a mark on the person you like.

    2. Charm them
    You need a pleasant personality to radiate positive energy. If people like your personality they would want to be around you and would enjoy your company. It is important to have a charming effect on people if you want them to notice you. If you want someone to like you, first you have to charm them. A boring, dull personality would not interest any one. You should make a solid first impression with your striking personality.

    3.Interesting conversation
    Strike a conversation with them and make sure you talk about interesting topics. You should not bore them. The conversation should make them feel happy. The conversation should be engaging enough to hold their attention for a long time. Switch to a different topic when you think they are getting bored or the conversation is heading nowhere.

    4. Be friendly
    Even though both of you are strangers, you must be friendly to each other. If you are warm to them, they will get comfortable talking to you and would appreciate your behavior. They will be willing to talk to you. You must smile as you talk to them and speak to them very politely.

    5. Do not intimidate them
    When you like someone you tend to get a little excited to see them around. You must maintain your dignity and should not do anything that will make you look like a fool. If you are talking to them for the first time, walk towards them slowly and talk to them in a calm and polite voice. You must hide your excitement and act as normal as possible.

    6. No awkward silence
    Prepare well in advance what you are going to talk to them about. When you run out of topics and cannot think of anything to talk about, an awkward silence creeps in. You must not let any quiet moment to create distance between both of you. When you are with that person, you must make them feel your presence by talking to them constantly or getting themselves engaged with something. You should not let an awkward silence get in and spoil the mood.

    7. Make them laugh
    Having a good sense of humour is always a plus point. If you consider yourself to be a funny person, then it is important to bring your witty side. Pass a funny remark or crack a joke, that would tickle their funny bone and they will begin to like you instantly. All are to have a good laugh once in a while and loves people who brings a smile to their face. If you make them laugh they will think of you to be a positive person and this quality of yours will draw them towards you.

    8. Treat them with respect
    Whether you are talking to them or just sitting alongside to them, you must treat them with utmost respect. Do not do anything frivolous that would make them feel that you do not respect them. Respect is something that comes from within. You cannot fake it. If you do something desperately in a bid to impress them, then it would only take them away from you. Maintain your dignity and be respectful to them.

    9. Do not cross the line
    Even though you have romantic feelings for them, you should not express them in the first meeting itself. Have patience and wait for the right time to come out with your feelings. You should not do anything that would make them want to stay away from you. Try to be friends with them first and build a better connection. After you spend a lot of time with them and get to know them properly, let them know about your feelings.

    You have to make some efforts in getting someone to like you, but do not try too hard as it can make you come across as desperate. Remember, you have set out to make someone to like you and also remember you can’t force them to do so. You should play your cards wisely and make them fall for you. You have to win their heart without manipulating them or indulging in any unscrupulous activity.
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